About 35mm film

My entire education in photography was around 35mm film. At the time it was a fleeting art. Having experienced film starting at an incredibly young age, I never felt challenged with film photography. I would call it first nature. In comparison to digital that is. I can load or unload film in pitch dark, I know how to process c41 color by hand. I can walk in ANY room and tell you the exact settings for a perfectly exposed image.

I never use automatic settings in digital. I never wanted the skills and true art of photography to leave me. I always knew the day would come that film would come back. Just like records. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the feel, smell and emotion that a true photograph and negatives can bring you.

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Film Coverage

One roll can be spread throughout the day or you can have several rolls through the day. 

1 roll = $300 - 27 images, includes archival negatives and full set of 4x6 prints as well as the digital downloads of the film images. 

4 rolls are recommended for an 8 hour day. 

If you have a film type preference, please let me know. We have access to all types of film and sustainable, local printing options.

You will have the option to order additional prints from the images through our professional printing lab. 

Framing and album options are also available.

Disposable Camera Service

Remember when they had little disposable cameras at weddings? 

Okay, I do. I’m old. Let’s get back to it! 

We will provide 12 disposable cameras as well as instruction signage, a display, and a return box. 

At the end of the evening we will collect the cameras from the box and return the full set of prints to you as well as archival storage for your negatives. Digital copies of all prints will be provided within your digital gallery. 

Options for customization of disposable cameras and return boxes upon request. 

We use sustainable processing methods for all of our prints and film. 

Starting at $1,500.00