Hi, I am Meg.

Since childhood I have loved being behind a camera. Growing up my mother worked as a wedding coordinator. She would bring home the extra disposable cameras from the tables. I'd set up the extra isle runner up as a seamless backdrop and photograph my beanie babies on it. My love for photography only expanded and grew in high school. Supportive, creative parents paired with a team of bad ass art teachers in high school sent me into the next chapter with confidence. During college I worked teaching photography at a local Boys and Girls Club, a photo lab and as an editor for a photojournalist in New York City. Quickly, I realized that New York was where I belong. I began working full time as an editor and in photojournalism.

In 2008 I was introduced to wedding photography. On a HOT July day in Greenwich Connecticut I photographed my first wedding and I haven't stopped since. The emotion, chaos, food, the people. I love all of it. I'm an observer by nature. Your crazy family and large bridal party? Doesn't phase me. No bridal party? That's great too. I've literally seen it all. I am here to capture your day as it happens.

My approach is to let your day unfold naturally and I will capture the true moments. No need to recut the cake, I will not be standing on a chair yelling at your grandma for a posed photo. ( unless you want me to )

Do we do portraits? Of course! However, I'm not going to be barking orders at you and making you do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. I will pose, direct you, correct you ( if you have a hair tie on your wrist or something in your pocket) take a step back and let you settle in and capture the real moment.

Who am I?

I was raised in The Hudson Valley of New York. I spent years working and living in New York City. I currently reside in Princeton, New Jersey. With my husband Chris, our son Rocco and our sweet little old pug Neiman. Aside from photography I love gardening, driving, bravo and cooking. I hate being photographed and Jonathan Cheban the self proclaimed "Food god".

I don't know everything about weddings, but I'm getting there. My resources in the wedding industry are limitless. I'm always here and happy to help my couples and offer any advice or help I can.